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Group Link Inc. is a member driven Network with membership by introduction.  Our goal is to provide a unique business environment between members and to provide business opportunities, supplied services or products at "Industry" best pricing.   We view all our members as "Professionals" and supply our members a platform and portal to new business opportunities, a world-wide marketing channel to promote existing businesses, targeting industry-best pricing opportunities on all products and services, electronic commerce and payment services unmatched in the financial services sector, and ongoing monthly residual network revenues.


The Group Link  community is focused on empowering each member with choices which support the  growth of their business directives. A true entrepreneurial ecosystem providing valuable information, products and services. BY entrepreneurs. FOR entrepreneurs.


Everyday business products

Every business has day to day costs associated with doing business. Staffing, utilities, communications, office space, marketing, advertising, accounting and legal directly affect your bottom line. The Group Link  member base provides a wide range of cost savings service solutions to give your business a competitive advantage.


Strive for industry best pricing on all products and services

Our goal is to have all supplier members strive to provide the Group Link  network with "industry best pricing". This is a critical factor contributing to the value of our membership. Each member has a visible rating score, so the members focused on delivering exceptional value get noticed.


New business opportunities

Group Link members have immediate access to purchase existing businesses in a wide range of industries and locations. Our growing list of opportunities include; franchises, loyalty card programs, ATM networks, financial services and niche networking groups.


Worldwide marketing channels to promote existing business networks 

What does it cost to advertise in the phone book? How about in the newspaper? Each member has the option to create their own product page on the Group Link catalogue. Your existing business has instant exposure to the worldwide Group Link  network. Our membership reach will continue to expand delivering new marketing channels as it grows.


Electronic commerce and payment services unmatched in the financial services sector

Group Link provides eCommerce  payment processing, Interac Debit cards, prepaid re-loadable MasterCard's, Merchant accounts, POS systems and services, financial transaction processing, electronic fund transfers, and online payment solutions without excessive bank fees.  Financial service fees supplied through your Group Link membership are best of industry PLUS you get a portion of your fees back to further expand your savings.


Group Link in association with Westsphere Systems Inc., one of eighty-three participants within the Canadian Interac Association, securely acquires, authenticates, routes, authorizes and settles financial transactions across multiple channels. Combined with Group Link's proprietary secure, encrypted database management system,ensures precise tracking of every transaction, from the receipt of funds to the final “settlement” of funds into virtually any bank account in Canada. This proprietary software and server network ensure that your money is safe and accounted for, providing the same security clients have counted on for over 14 years.


Any company that periodically distributes funds to multiple recipients can save money:

  • Payroll Department
  • Bookkeeping Service
  • Payroll Service
  • Rental Property Management Company
  • Franchise Head Office
  • Network Marketing Head Office
  • Any business which regularly makes micro-payments


Partner Program

Our Commission Distribution Network (CDN) provides several revenue stream opportunities, from member product sales, to network development. The CDN structure is incredibly simple and straight forward and commissions are paid the next day.  This program ensures the Group Link  community is focused on attracting and retaining real business opportunity providers. Creating value for every member in turn attracts new members and new business opportunities for everyone.

What is the Group Link Network?